Strike a New “Rhythm”

Cover imageDoes the idea of “living a balanced life” seem impossible? Does the thought of the UN-balance in your life leave you feeling stressed and unfulfilled?

Bruce Miller, dynamic speaker and author, will give you a new way to live with less stress and more fulfillment at a workshop based on his new book, “Your Life in Rhythm.” This business workshop is July 30, 8 am-1:30 pm at Rick’s Chophouse in downtown McKinney.

In one day you will gain a new perspective, a new paradigm, for how to manage your business and personal life. Rhythms offers a step beyond Covey’s seven habits. Release the burden of trying to live a “balanced life,” grasp the rhythm paradigm and discover more peace and unique opportunities for your life.

Miller’s new book has led to a series of requests for interviews by print and radio media outlets across the country. The idea of throwing balance out the window is new, but once the idea of living in rhythm takes hold it makes more sense — leading to a life with more peace and results. “I like to say that it teaches people how to ’live full out without burning out,’” Miller said.

The workshop registration fee includes a complimentary “Your Life in Rhythm” book and workbook, Rhythm Solution Process and lunch provided by Rick’s Chophouse at the Grand Hotel & Ballroom. Sponsored by TrainUp, you may register online at
For more information on the book, visit, or

Miller will teach about Rhythms on Sunday, July 19 at 8:30, 10 and 11:30 am at McKinney Fellowship, 2801 Orchid Dr, McKinney, TX 75070 ( He will also be signing copies of his book at McKinney book stores: at Abundant Life on July 25, 1-4 pm, and at The Cup Filler  on Aug. 1, 1-4 pm. The public is invited to attend these free events.


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