Rhythm is Realistic

When we strive to live a balanced life without regard for seasonal shifts, we take on burdens we don’t need to bear. We weigh ourselves down with false expectations that add stress to our lives. When we try to balance our lives without regard for the time of the year or month, we only frustrate ourselves. Holidays, final exams, play-offs, summer breaks, weekends, Mondays, and Fridays each carry their own distinct rhythms. Flowing with them gives us a more realistic and better life.

A rhythmic approach to life offers less guilt and more peace, less stress and more fulfillment, less despair and more hope. The rest of this book reveals how living in rhythm can bring you these benefits.

Of course, the world we live in is not heaven. There is no magic system, book, or pill that will take away the difficulties of life. However, you can live a better life in rhythm than you can by vainly pursuing the mythical “balanced life.”

By rejecting the pursuit of balance, you will free yourself from impossible expectations. By choosing rhythm, you will free yourself to live in harmony with the rest of life—to be content in all circumstances, to make the most of the moments, to rejoice at all times—and to set your hope on what’s to come. Living your life in rhythm allows you to pace yourself, to celebrate with life-enhancing rituals, and to choose to oscillate between work and rest.


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