What People Are Saying

Bruce Miller, nationally recognized speaker and author, offered a Your Life in Rhythm Workshop at McKinney Fellowship this past Saturday, giving attendants a new way to live with less stress and more fulfillment. In one day they gained a new paradigm for how to manage life.  The principles and tools you learned will help in both business and personal life.

Bruce helped attendants complete a Rhythm Solution Process worksheet for their most challenging life managements issues.   They walked away with tangible tools and fresh perspective on how to live a more peaceful and fulfilled life.

The atmosphere in the room during the workshop was inquisitive, and motivating. People shared struggles that they are wanting gain control over, and Bruce offered advise on how to apply the 6 Kairos and Chronos strategies from Your Life in Rhythm to work through these struggles.

Here is what people are saying about the Your Life in Rhythm Workshops:

“I was able to really think about and work through a life stage issue.”
“The workshop helped me find a rhythm with competing priorities.”
“This workshop is life-changing!”
“It was a great way to find rhythm rather than balance.”
“A refreshing workshop to help your life be more intentional, regain joy and reduce stress.”

“Bruce is a highly gifted strategic thinker and communicator who has always brought great process and wisdom to strengthen our team. His work on rhythm gave great perspective and practical guidance on how to do life and ministry better as individuals and as a team.”

Jeff Jones
Senior Pastor, Chase Oaks Church

“Your Life in Rhythm” was the perfect workshop for our staff as we seek to live out the hectic pace of ministry and life. My staff left this workshop refreshed, refocused, and recalibrated to God’s rhythm in our lives. The principles and the passion communicated by Bruce were priceless for bringing peace and a good pace to our lives. We are immensely grateful!

Rev. Bryan Carter
Senior Pastor, Concord Church

Bruce Miller is available to speak at conferences, staff retreats, and more. If you are interested in scheduling time with Bruce Miller, please contact his assistant Laurie Wright at lwright@mcfbc.org


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